Reflexology Treatments in Fishponds, Bristol

“Be willing to do whatever it takes to be a warrior for your health”

- Jan Mundo

Reflexology is a holistic therapy

It involves applying pressure to and massaging certain areas of the body to encourage the body's ability to heal and assist in relieving stress and tension.

Reflexology uses the principle that the feet, hands and ears have reflexes connected with body areas. The reflexes in these areas are thought to be a "reflection" of the body, and therefore working with the reflexes can assist the body in restoring good health and well-being in the areas targeted.

During your session, Martha massages the feet, hands or ears using a homemade natural balm (this can be vegan on request). Her level and depth of touch may vary, and she applies pressure to specific reflexes to help to bring them into balance. The aim is to stimulate circulation and lymph flow and send signals around the body – targeting areas of tension and stress.

What to expect from your reflexology session?

A typical reflexology session with Martha lasts one hour, apart from your first session, which can take up to one and a half hours. In this first session, she discusses your medical history to establish your health and well-being needs and hopes for your treatment.

Preparing for treatment

You remove shoes and socks and recline in a chair or on a massage table for the treatment. Martha begins by cleansing your feet and getting you comfortable. She then starts the massage and pressure application treatment to bring movement and flow to all of your body's systems and energy.

During treatment

You are encouraged to relax and close your eyes. Martha begins to work with her reflexology practice or specific movements and motions. This may cause several different sensations; some areas may feel more tender than others, as sensitivity varies from person to person. Please feel free to make adjustments or ask questions - this is your time, and Martha wants you to be comfortable and relaxed.

After your treatment

You may experience the relaxing effects of reflexology after just one session, or it could take longer to notice benefits in other body parts. You may feel some "healing responses" in the 24 hours after your treatments, which is normal and means that some changes are occurring.

Martha then makes a treatment plan with you; together, you decide on the number of reflexology sessions you require, depending on your working condition and what you hope to achieve. Often 4-6 treatments are recommended to feel the full benefits of the Reflexology treatments.

Reflexology Benefits:

Stress reduction

Soothing tired feet

Reducing pain

Improve circulation

Enhance overall well-being

Reduce tension headaches


Increases lymph movement

Digestive disorders

Menstrual problems

Back pain

Post-operative or palliative care

What to do after your reflexology session?

To gain the full benefits of reflexology, follow the advice below 24 hours post-treatment:

Drink lots of water

Avoid strenuous exercise

Rest for at least two hours after the treatment

Avoid stimulants such as alcohol, tea and coffee

Stick to light, nutritious foods after to help your body to heal

Note down any reactions you have for your next session

Get in touch

Contact Martha Kelly on 07772 591520 or email her using the enquiry form below. Her practice is based in the Fishponds area of Bristol, with a relaxing and comfortable therapy room. There is free parking in the area, easy access to bus routes and space to safely store your bike.