Reiki Treatments in Fishponds, Bristol

“Reiki is love, love is wholeness, wholeness is balance, balance is well-being, well-being is freedom from disease.”

— Dr Mikao Ushui (1864-1926)

About Reiki

Reiki is a gentle complementary therapy that originated in Japan and was developed in the early 20th century by Dr Mikao Ushui. The word Reiki (Rey Key) means "Universal Life Force": it is a healing practice that helps restore balance and assists the body in finding its natural state of "homeostasis". Working with the "universal life force" or "Chi", the practitioner functions as a clear channel and creates space for the body to find its natural ability to heal itself.

At LegEnd Therapies, Reiki is carried out over the clothes, either seated or lying. Martha either works with her hands on or near the body or combines the two. A course of treatment is usually suggested between four to six weeks to give your body time to establish a flow of energy.

Reiki treatments are not a replacement for medical treatments; reiki practitioners cannot diagnose illness or disease. Reiki promotes relaxation, rejuvenation and rebalancing. Working closely with you, Martha can support you in finding healing habits and healthy ways to continue and sustain in everyday life.

Benefits of a Reiki treatment

Treats body and mind

Promotes a calm, peaceful sense of well-being

Reduces stress and tension

Ability to cope better with life challenge

How it works

Martha offers a free consultation to discuss what you hope to benefit from your reiki treatment. The process involves a confidential well-being questionnaire about your health so that she can establish your current situation and any health-related issues.

Preparing for treatment

Your appointment is in her light, relaxing and comfortable treatment room. You remain fully clothed throughout the session, so wear comfortable clothes and remove your shoes. You may be lying on either your back or your front on a massage table or seated in a reclining position.

Martha discusses the process and what to expect if it's your first treatment. If not previously carried out over the phone, there may be a few additional questions to answer. She asks about your preferences for needs so you're perfectly comfortable throughout the treatment.

During treatment

Once the treatment has started, you're encouraged to relax and close your eyes. You're always welcome to ask Martha any more questions, and if you need to change position, move, speak or have a welling up of any emotions or needs, don't hesitate to do what is required, all is welcome.

Each person experiences Reiki differently. Some familiar sensations like bubbling, warmth, tingling, pins and needles – and emotions you can feel in your bodies. Some people experience a dream-like state throughout the treatment; a few sometimes fall asleep or do not feel any sensation. She works intuitively, and each treatment will be different and nourishing.

After your treatment

You may feel tired or energised or anything in between. Either way, you are encouraged to rest and allow the reiki energy to carry on working. Drink lots of water and only eat small amounts.

Martha offers a space to ask questions or express your experience during your session. She gives you feedback and offers her experience, which is often visual.

She encourages you to find positive health practices to help you with your health and well-being.

Book an appointment now. Call Martha on 07772 591520 or email

What to do after your Reiki session?

To gain the full benefits of Reiki, follow the advice below 24 hours post-treatment:

Drink lots of water

Avoid strenuous exercise

Rest for at least two hours after the treatment

Avoid stimulants such as alcohol, tea and coffee

Stick to light, nutritious foods after to help your body to heal

Note down any reactions you have for your next session

Get in touch

Contact Martha Kelly on 07772 591520 or email her using the enquiry form below. Her practice is based in the Fishponds area of Bristol, with a relaxing and comfortable therapy room. There is free parking in the area, easy access to bus routes and space to safely store your bike.